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Web Sites

AdventurePro - Australia and New Zealand
AdventurePro - The Australian & New Zealand Outdoor Adventure Directory
AdventurePro is a comprehensive resource dedicated to Australian & New Zealand Outdoor Adventure.
AdventurePro features a fully searchable Directory, NEWS service (sent monthly via email), online paddling guide, employment service and online bookshop.
A free community message board is also provided.
AdventurePro is owned and operated by Pivotal Solutions and Envirolead.

Web Applications

PS Search
PS Search - Results Page
PS Search is a fast and full featured web site directory search program.
PS Search includes 3 CGI programs developed with PERL.
PS Search features 2 security access levels, powerful administration interface, hit tracking, link tracking, banner rotation, fully customiseable categories and locations, ALL the words, ANY of the words, EXACT match, location, category and/or keyword(s) searching.
www.adventurepro.com.au is provided as a working example.


The Dog Pooh Lifecycle - FREE DOWNLOAD!
The Dog Pooh Lifecycle
The Dog Pooh Lifecycle is a fun and educational interactive Flash movie.
The movie is an animated explanation of the environmental implications of failing to pick up after your dog.
This freely downloadable and re-distributable movie has proven to be an excellent educational and promotional tool.
Many other web sites now feature The Dog Pooh Lifecycle.


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