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Web Applications

PS Search
PS Search - Results Page
PS Search is a fast and full featured web site directory search program.
PS Search includes 3 CGI programs developed with PERL.
PS Search features 2 security access levels, powerful administration interface, hit tracking, link tracking, banner rotation, fully customiseable categories and locations, ALL the words, ANY of the words, EXACT match, location, category and/or keyword(s) searching.
www.adventurepro.com.au is provided as a working example.

Web Sites

AdventurePro Australia and New Zealand
AdventurePro - The Australian & New Zealand Outdoor Adventure Directory
AdventurePro is a comprehensive resource dedicated to Australian & New Zealand Outdoor Adventure.
AdventurePro features a fully searchable Directory, NEWS service (sent monthly via email), online paddling guide, employment service and online bookshop.
A free community message board is also provided.
AdventurePro is owned and operated by Pivotal Solutions and Envirolead.

PC Applications

Aboriginal Language Programs
1. SPELCHECK is available in four Aboriginal languages, Pintupi/Luritja, Pitjantjatjara, Alyawarr & Martu Wangka (includes Manjiljarra, Kartujarra). It is a specialised program which uses a dictionary and five other suffix databases to analyse inaccurate spelling.

2. Dictionary Program is designed for any Aboriginal language. It has four internal databases, New Items, Published Items, Combined Items & Spelcheck Items.


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