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 Aboriginal Language Programs

1. Aboriginal Language Spell Checker

SPELCHECK is available in four Aboriginal languages, Pintupi/Luritja, Pitjantjatjara, Alyawarr & Martu Wangka (includes Manjiljarra, Kartujarra). It is a specialised program which uses a dictionary and five other suffix databases to analyse inaccurate spelling. Suitable for inexperienced users and linguists.

A working dictionary which allows the user to add new dictionary items is available with SPELCHECK. This can be viewed at various positions in the program and is accessible while working with texts in other word processing programs. Language stories can be keyboarded directly into SPELCHECK, and then corrected in an interactive window with suggested spellings. The spelling of stories in text only format from other programs can be checked and corrected. Suffix files can be extended from various positions in the program. Discounts available if more than one program is purchased. Designed for PC Windows environment.


2. Aboriginal Language Dictionary Program

Dictionary Program is designed for any Aboriginal language. It has four internal databases, New Items, Published Items, Combined Items & Spelcheck Items. Data can be added to the first two databases from a text only back slash coded file, or it can be directly keyboarded into the database window. Once a database of New Items is compiled, it can be combined with data from the Published Items, and or Spelcheck Items databases and alphabetised in the Combined Items database. This material can be edited co-ordinating parallel entries, then it can be produced in a text only back slash file for publication or storage. This same material can be fed back into Dictionary Program making it available for further editing. Dictionary Program will go through language text files and IT text files conveying example sentences of each dictionary item to the selected database. The English gloss will also be conveyed if IT text files are used.




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